House and Home

Long time no write, not because LJ isn't great, but because I use a lot of twitter now. Will try to remedy or at least post links. Mostly, the big news is that my boyfriend and I have bought a house this summer. It takes a lot of work to keep up with, not to mention the numerous repairs that need to happen. Why is it that it takes forever for workmen to get back to you? I know it's the busy season, but a phone call with an estimate would be nice so I no how much of my savings I'll never see again :D

Painted some of the walls grey (when they were a light viagra blue shade). Also scored a great velvet armchair at St. Vinnies. Hopefully will post pics or start writing in my blog again. Wish me luck!

Harry Potter Exhibit

I've been meaning to go to the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Science & Industry Museum all summer... then I found out that this week was the last week. So I went with my mom and a friend yesterday afternoon. Of course there were no photos allowed in the exhibit, because they want you to buy the "official" guide that costs as much as the ticket to get in.
  • At the start of the tour my mom volunteered to get sorted by the Sorting Hat... she was put into Hufflepuff (if only they knew how devious she really was).
  • The place is crawling with people with fake British accents. This is cute for kids, but annoying otherwise. While looking at the Hippogriff, one came up to me, alarmed that I hadn't bowed to it first.
  • Most things looked much smaller in real life (except maybe Hagrid). The hippogriff was just taller than me and the centaurs had the bodies of ponies.
  • Most things were not to be touched but they did have Mandrakes you could pull up that screeched at you and a pseudo-quidditch game where you actually got to throw quaffles. Also, you could sit in Hagrid's chair, which was nicely oversized but still comfy.
  • All casual kids clothing looked like they were from the GAP.
  • Wands were really intricate and it was nice to see detail that was impossible to make out in the movies.
  • Dementors are freaking scary, even replicas just hanging there. I want one to put in my yard for Halloween.
  • The gift shop was expectedly overpriced. A single chocolate frog was $4 and a small bag of "everyflavor beans" was $7. Mom bought postcards, I got a plastic time turner (the metal one was $50), and my friend got small metal bookmarks with the animals from the houses and The Tale of Beatle Bard.


Doing stuff vs. feeling accomplished

Ever have days where you feel like you didn't do much of anything, but you actually did if you think back. Maybe because it was all small stuff or it was mostly on the computer, I don't feel very accomplished.
Here's what I did:
  • Woke up early, did Sunday crossword puzzles.
  • Sent 3 fairly important emails I've been meaning to get to.
  • Did research online for my brother (mostly fruitless and frustrating).
  • Picked Dad and brother up while other car was in shop.
  • Hunted for ingredient to secret cookie recipe (no store in town carries it).
  • Rented a movie (Sunshine Cleaning).
  • Finished reading the second half of a book I got over the weekend.
  • Read two chapters in library book.
  • Played Scrabble with Chris.

Nice weather and new shoes

What great weather we had this weekend. I love temps in the 70's. I got to wear my new black leggings (don't judge me) with a tunic-like top. I finally found new shoes. I got a pair of purple snakeskin looking flats from JCPenny and really comfy Privo's with a Asian dragon on them at an outlet store: I can't help back-to-school shopping, even when I'm not in school.


Why my life is funny

I've had a head cold for the last week and have been kinda out of it. I've been on wacky cold meds and my head has been fuzzy feeling. So, I put off some of my homework (in leui of naps and webcomics) and ended up working on my final presentation the weekend before it was due.

Ok, so here's the short version of my funny story. I was working on my project up until the last minute and then I went to print it out and one page wouldn't print right. I freaked out and tried fixing it 3 different ways (none of which worked) and by the time I had everything else together and drove to school I was an hour late to class!!! No one was there, of course. So I was kicking myself for being an idiot screw-up and wondering what the hell was wrong with my brain.

I figured I would just email everything in, but as long as it was going to be late anyway, I decided to work on my presentation more so it was better. So I stay up late working on it that night. The next day, I go to check my email before I hand anything in and *surprise* there was an email from my teacher... but it was to say that he had an obligation and had to cancel class and we would meet next week! So all my freaking out was for nothing, and now my presentation is kick butt, and I found a typo in my paper that I got to fix. Someone out there is looking out for me, because I'm certainly not doing myself any favors.

MCHS class of 98 has it's own website

Brought to you by the people that worked hard on the reunion is:

Be nice and update your profile (because I'm one of the few that wrote anything) or upload any pictures you have from High School or the Reunion. When the next one comes around you'll be on the list for all the details. And it is cool to see what people have been up to since HS.

Thanks and Pass it on!


Cancer Update!

Mom went in for her checkup and her tumor wasn't very invasive so they got it all with the surgery and chemo patch. I didn't know what a chemo patch was, but it answers the question of: How do they know they got all the cancer cells? Anyway, she'll be getting checkups every 3 months for awhile, but should be ok. Yay!

Bladder Cancer

My mom had non-invasive surgery today because, when she got 2 CAT scans for unrelated hip pain, they noticed that one of her kidneys wasn't draining all the way. Turns out she had a decent sized tumor in her bladder that was causing the blockage. They don't know how bad it is, but they do know it is bladder cancer (which I had never heard of, though I suppose you can get cancer anywhere). It could be fine, and never grow back. It could be another surgery if it grows back. It could be immunity treatments if it's worse. And it could mean a replacement bladder if it's horrible, which is better than dying, but still.

On the one hand, it kinda bugs me that she had a cancerous tumor and none of her doctors had noticed it on an x-ray before (she's gotten them the last two years for her hips). On the other hand, it's really lucky that they noticed it this time when it was mostly asymptomatic (she had bladder infections at every checkup, but they were mild and didn't cause her pain, so she just took the antibiotics prescribed).

Anyway, she's fine right now, sleeping curled up on the couch with a cat at her feet. She has a checkup next week and another surgery in 6 weeks to take a shunt out. I'm kind of in awe at the advances in modern medicine, while still freaked out by how it easy it was to miss. So, if you have chronic anything, and have insurance, go ahead and ask for a little extra testing to be done to make sure it's not something bad.

I recently had what I think was a kidney stone. I don't have insurance so there wasn't much I could do besides ask my doctor what to do based on my description of the pain and no lab tests. When I'm back on insurance I think I'll get the area checked out in case I have more to look forward to. Thanks for listening.


Ok, so I have to make an "Action Plan" of goals for my summer internship at a library. What kinds of things to learn fall under teen services?

What do you do for fun when you are stuck at home alone?

Really, post some answers. I want some ideas!!!